F.C.S. is a corporation with its core business in training, R&D and consulting activities, with its professionals having more than ten years of experience even in an international context. Through its multidisciplinary and integrated expertise and its result-oriented operational approach, it is able to deal and precisely answer to the customers’ needs, in many different business areas. With its high-qualified structure the firm has the aim to promote, support and reinforce all the activities concerning the operational development, always matching customers' needs. Thanks to its network of expert technicians and employees, integrates its skills in the following branches:  finance, production, facility management in order to assure an effective outcome in every activity. We are committed to support our customers giving them our professional and technical background improving and accelerating their development phase, with the aim to increase their competitive advantage in their market segment. Through our combined offer of consulting, support and training services, we have the capability to deliver solutions, always suitable with customers' expectations.

In order to give an effective solution to the operational needs of our customers related to the operations management within the firm, we can develop with our employees, orientated services (outsourcing and/or backlog) integrated with the company itself. According to the different branches of intervention, we provide theoretical information (KNOW) and practical tools (KNOW-HOW) thanks to our approach LEARNING BY DOING.

To conduct the business, F.C.S. management can count on the support of qualified partners, skilled professional figures such as: senior consultants, HR specialists, Strategist and financial consultants. Regarding the consulting operations, we have a variety of skilled people that cover every segment of our activity diversification: sales agents, technicians responsible for microbiological samples, expert professionals, academic instructors in the whole Italian ecosystem.

Furthermore, we also have collaborations with the Italian Ministry of Health, Italian Fire Departments, Engineers, chemical analytical laboratories, occupational doctors, coroners and training Institutes.

The company works under the documentation approved according the quality system regulation ISO.