F.C.S. does not ask you to fill any form focusing its evaluation criteria on word count. What we will ask you and what will expect from you is your inner ability to shake your mind! Unfortunately, from one point of view regulations, norms, protocols have significantly reduced the ability to make future predictions about the business. Nowadays most people tend to focus on rigid guidelines that can be a sort of barrier for new ideas simply because due to their newness, they do not belong to standard procedures.


The only thing we ask you is to send your CV in Europass format with a photo included. Then, in addition to your CV, what we want from you are new ideas, creative thinking and whatever other thing you would like to take part.


Finally, do not forget to sign the privacy statement where you give your authorization to F.C.S. to use your personal data; otherwise, we are obliged to erase any file received.


If you choose to contact us by email, you will find the dedicated email address under the section CONTACTS.