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Quick expansion and evolution affected every industry of the modern age. This has been a consequence of the significant increase of norms, regulations and procedures, varying from occupational and food safety, fire prevention, training activities, environmental hygiene, First Aid and so on. Each of these activities build the components that, with a perfect match, set up the framework that depicts the global protection. Human life, fauna, flora and environment.  Most of the times, entrepreneurs focus their attention on the profitability of the company rather than on ordinary administrative duties or regulations conformity. Therefore, the compliance to all these regulations might be a critical issue in terms of time and competencies.  Roughly speaking the entrepreneur cannot be omniscient or be present in any aspect that settles the firm. Hence, connecting time and skills in different areas at the same time, might be impossible. F.C.S. wants to be the hub that combines the two elements specified above, supporting entrepreneurs and customers with efficiency and effectiveness through its consulting activities especially caring about the regulations compliance itself. I strongly believe the image of this website, represents in a significant way what would be my thought.

A website where you can easily walk through, where the user experience is significantly improved. Make things easier is part of our mission statement, always according to our resources. However, since we are in a very competitive market, we always try to improve ourself day-by-day through Research & Development activities and innovations with the intent to overcome our professional constraints.


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                                                                        Ivo Lenci

                                                                        FCS President and Chief Executive

                                                               Voting Member of the American Conference

                                                                   of Governmental Industrial Hygienists