Our Corporation has always cared about activities that concern Research and Development but also Corporate Social Responsibility.

For that reason, F.C.S. strictly applies the guidelines and protocols released by the American Conference of Governamental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) as a member of the committee and because ACGIH is also a reference point for the Italian Ministry of Health.

Moreover, we recently made an important adhesion regarding R&D field. We are active participant of CORDIS program, an initiative of the European Commission exactly focused on R&D.

We are pretty convinced that every discovery even the smallest could significantly affect and improve enterprises, jobs, people.

F.C.S. with his SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE, is 360 degrees committed company, without excluding anything at the beginning but focusing on the experience of its people who spent most of their life building current professional skills. We strongly believe and we believe as it is an opinion, that most of the times academic and university degrees are not guarantee of expertise, capability and knowledge. What it really matters is not only skills acquired only from a theoretical point of view but it is also important concrete experience in a real context. For instance, Leonardo did not own an Engineering Bachelor degree but he made some innovations that in the next decades changed the world. Again, Antonio Meucci although he was not a doctor, he built first physiotherapeutic electrical device or even if he did not own an Engineering Bachelor degree, he invented the phone. Therefore, today although the Educational background has acquired a significant importance, it is not a certified demonstration of a personís capabilities. If an illiterate person will built something extraordinary, innovative like teleport, it would be a shame not use it just because the inventor does not own a Bachelor degree.††††